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Recover your stolen propery. Find your lost items. List items that have been stolen from you. Find propery that has been lost. Advertise your lost items. Lost and found items. Recover your lost property. Find your stolen items. Check to make sure you are not buying stolen property. Stolen property serial numbers. Check stolen serial numbers. Find stolen property in Alberta. Find stolen property in British Columbia. Find stolen property in Saskatchewan. Find stolen property in Manitoba. Find stolen property in Ontario. Find stolen property in Quebec. Find stolen property in New Brunswick. Find stolen property in Nova Scoation. Find stolen property in Prince Edward Island. Find stolen property in New Found Land. Stolen cars, stolen trucks, stolen electronics, stolen equipment, stolen machinery.

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Stolen equipment database

Stolen or lost is a database to catalog stolen equipement, including stolen heavy equipment.

Stolen Or Lost

Stolen or lost is a heavy equipment registry of stolen heavy equipment. Register your stolen or lost heavy machinery - stolen machinery, stolen equipment, stolen trucks, stolen cars, stolen heavy equipment.

Stolen or Lost

Find out how to recover your stolen items. Look here for tools for recovering stolen laptops, stolen iphones, stolen blackberry devices and more.

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Welcome to Stolen or Lost: the stolen items and lost items database

Welcome to Stolen or Lost

Stolen or Lost is a free service in which individuals that have had property stolen, or that have lost valuables, can post information and pictures about the item. In turn anyone purchasing items such as vehicles or equipment can search to help ensure their sale is legitimate.

The police and insurance companies have databases with limited, or no, access by the public. There is no way to quickly check on purchases you may be making, or on odd activity you may have witnessed.

Stolen or Lost capitalizes on one of the most powerful tools in thief reduction and item recovery: People. Every day people witness stolen cars, stolen recreation vehicles, and stolen equipment and don’t even realize it. This site can change it.

At Stolen or Lost we feel that it's your stuff: List it, search it, recover it!


New Fan Out Stolen Property Alert System has a newly developed fan out system which can be utilized by any stolenorlost subscriber with a cell phone or email address. The subscriber can quickly be alerted of any stolen, lost or recovered items for their requested area.

Alerts can be forwarded for any items from large equipment to a lost or found pet. A forwarded alert is immediately screened for appropriate content and once approved is forwarded through an automated system to every subscriber requesting alerts for their areas. Alerts can be especially helpful for stolen vehicles, equipment, recreation or even lost property. It can be activated by police or civilian subscribers who discover their property missing.

Keep in touch with what is going on in your area. Subscribe now as it is absolutely free. You do not need to have stolen or lost property for receipt of the alerts.

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Stolen Item:
Dodge Truck - Stolen in Alberta

Stolen:Feb 03, 2017

Red Deer, Alberta

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