About Stolen or Lost

About Stolen or Lost

Stolen or Lost: It's your property. List it, find it. Stolen property Crimes are often viewed as minor offenses because property is usually stolen without threats or violence against the owner. Property Crimes leave people feeling frightened and powerless as they attempt to deal with the aftermath of such a crime. Insurance companies are often slow to pay and the financial losses mount as your business, schooling or travel could be affected because of it. Feelings of helplessness and frustration are experienced because once reported there is usually little or no further communication with police to help establish the likelihood of recovery. Often property holds a sentimental value which can not be replaced by money. Most recoveries are made only by chance or public observations.

Stolen or Lost Stolen or lost is a recently developed and new forum that is bridging the gap between the police and the public with the goal in mind of minimizing profits of thieves and returning valued items to the owners. With our unique cataloguing system it is our effort to discourage the reselling of stolen items while minimizing the changes of purchasing these goods. The site is designed to pinpoint specific locations of stolen and lost items to aid in the search. Conduct a search of this site first if you are thinking of making a purchase. It could save you some money. Remember, a deal which appears to be too good to be true, likely is. Scrutinize it closely.

Stolen or Lost: List your stolen items. Help find other stolen or lost items. We invite your to browse this site frequently to get a sense of the property reported stolen or lost in your or other areas. If you have suffered a property theft or loss, post it as soon as possible. If you know someone else who has, let them know about this site. This site is free and the more people who get to know about it the higher the chances of recovery.

Stolen or Lost Safety Tip: Never recover stolen property yourself. There is one important safety tip to remember when viewing this site. If you have spotted property on this site which has been reported stolen do not approach or attempt to recover the property yourself. Make notes and document as many details as you can. Contact the proper authorities in your area with your observations. Look around, you might be surprised who has property which has been stolen or lost.

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